Tuesday, July 2, 2013

LumenCam™ Tactical DVF

I live in a neighborhood that has seen drug trafficking, vandalism and associated crime.  The LumenCam™ is practically the only “weapon” a concerned citizen can use to protect himself and his property.  It’s small enough and light enough for me to run down the alley with.  And having this little camera disguised as a flashlight can be a blessing when your target thinks you’re only holding a flashlight.  It records 4GB of video and audio without their realizing what I’m doing since it also lights up the area with super bright LEDs.  The lithium ion battery will last over 3 hours lighting and recording.  Then I can recharge and start all over again.  Thanks, Klein, for a great product, and thanks, PoliceEquipmentDealer, for a good price and great service!  http://www.policeequipmentdealer.com/ProductDetail.aspx?Product=Lumencam-DVF