Tuesday, September 30, 2014

G2X Fire Rescue Helmet Mount Kit

Our department purchased the G2X Fire Rescue Helmet Mount Kit from PoliceEquipmentDealer.com.  This light was simple to attach to my helmet, and is easy to operate using the tail switch.  The LED throws a super bright beam that helps me see through the thickest smoke.  I never go anywhere without my G2X. http://www.policeequipmentdealer.com/g2x_fire_rescue_helmet_mount_kit-details.aspx

EMT Harry in CA

Thursday, September 25, 2014

SureFire Shotgun Forend

We built our house out in the country, and so we get a lot of “visitors” that usually don’t bother people in a city.  I’m talking about cougars and coyotes.  They can be a problem because there is really no way to fence them out, and we have already lost one dog to them.  I have a Remington shotgun, but I didn’t have a light to attach to it.  I had one of my boys hold a lantern on the yard while I aimed at the intruder.  This never worked very well, and I’ve missed more times than I’d like to admit.  My cousin told me about PoliceEquipmentDealer.com.  When I saw the SureFire Shotgun Forend, I knew my problem was solved.  Now there’s no juggling a light and a shotgun.  The forend is easy to attach and operate, and it’s very bright.  I can see clearly to aim, so fewer “visitors” bother us and we won’t be losing any more dogs.  Great light.  I told my neighbors about your site, so you’ll be getting more business soon. http://www.policeequipmentdealer.com/dsf_870_shotgun_forend-details.aspx

Madge in NE

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

SureFire E2D LED Defender® Ultra

An officer’s first line of defense is not necessarily his sidearm or his nightstick.  His first line of defense is his flashlight.  That’s the reason my department found the SureFire Defender® Ultra (E2D) on PoliceEquipmentDealer.com.  We did not want a light that was heavy or cumbersome.  We wanted one that was extremely bright on demand so that we can temporarily blind a combatant.  We also wanted one that was tough and can stand up to being used defensively, before an officer can access his baton or decides on his taser or service weapon.  This SureFire light fulfilled all our expectations. http://policeequipmentdealer.com/e2d_led_defender_ultra-details.aspx

Sgt. Troy in NC

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Surefire Maximus™

The Surefire Maximus™ lets me work with both hands because I don’t have to hold a flashlight when I’m wearing it.  The headlamp is really bright and I can aim it exactly where I need it, even if I’m wearing gloves.  But what I really like is the headband that doesn’t ever seem to slip. While I’m working, it wicks away perspiration and stays firmly in place.  The Maximus™ is a great light and PoliceEquipmentDealer.com is a great site. http://www.policeequipmentdealer.com/police-maximus-variable-output-led-headlamp-series.aspx

Barry in ID

Friday, September 5, 2014

Surefire G2X™ Pro

The feel of the Surefire G2X™ Pro is really nice.  It is made of Nitrolon® polymer and fits my grip just right.  The light is bright and the quality of its manufacture is great.  I have four kids and I will buy them each the G2X™ Pro in a different color.  I recommend the products and service at PoliceEquipmentDealer.com. http://www.policeequipmentdealer.com/police-G2X-pro-dual-output-led-series.aspx

Katie in ME