Monday, December 23, 2013

Pelican iM2050 Case

While moving into their new apartment, my friend’s roommate accidentally knocked his iM2050 Case out the second-story window of their apartment building.  It bounced on its handle edge on the front stair, rebounded off the handrail and finally came to rest on its lid on the walk.  When he retrieved it, he noticed some small scratches on the soft-grip handle but no other external marks of trauma.  Inside the case, his great-grandfather’s railroad pocket watch and fob were undisturbed in the Custom-Cut Foam which he had purchased from  My friend remarked that he was very impressed with the iM2050 Case, but not so impressed with his roommate.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Stallion Leather Gerber / Sog Multi-Tool Holder

I use a Gerber Multi-Tool for fence repair and never had a place to carry it till now.  I ordered a Gerber Multi-Tool Holder from  Now my Multi-Tool is held securely on my belt by this sturdy little leather holder.  The nickel snap prevents it from falling out while I am working.  I am very pleased with this holder.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Stallion Leather Streamlight® Stinger DS LED Holder

A policeman friend of mine uses the Streamlight® Stinger DS LED on his beat and was not satisfied with his old holder.  I showed him a Stallion leather holder from  Despite being customized, the holder arrived at his address in  short order.  He tells me he likes it very much.  It stands up to repeated rough use and holds the light safely and securely.  When he placed the order, he requested the Velcro closure instead of one of the snap closures.  He says the Velcro makes it much easier to re-holster his light in a hurry.  Now other officers are interested to order from PoliceEquipmentDealer for their customized holsters.