Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Klein Electronics Crewchief™ Lightweight Headset

I use the Crewchief headset from PoliceEquipmentDealer.com when talking to my hunting buddies on our radios.  We’ve never had an issue with being able to hear because of traffic, waterfalls or other background noise.  I think all of us prefer the lightweight, rugged design of the Crewchief to more cumbersome headsets.  It’s easy to use—and at less than $70, a real bargain.  Great headset, PoliceEquipmentDealer.com! http://www.policeequipmentdealer.com/police-crewchief-lightweight-headsets-series.aspx

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Stallion Leather Streamlight® Stinger® LED, DS LED, LED HP & Stinger DS LED HP Holder

I repair appliances for a living.  Frequently, I need a flashlight at some point in the repair to look into the motor of a washer or dryer.  For this reason I use the Stinger® DS LED.  Until recently, I had not found a good holder.  The other day I was searching online and found PoliceEquipmentDealer.com.  I decided to call in my order, since I had questions about the available holders.  The customer service rep was very knowledgeable about the leather and nylon products and answered all my concerns.  I ordered the SLDH in black, basket-weave finished leather.  I am impressed with Stallion leather’s customization and how great this holder works to keep the Stinger® handy on my belt.  I will recommend Stallion products and PoliceEquipementDealer.com to my friends.  http://www.policeequipmentdealer.com/police-sldh-streamlight-stinger-led-ds-led-holder-series.aspx

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Klein Electronics Stealth 3-Wire Surveillance Kit

For my Motorola radio, I ordered a Klein Stealth 3-Wire Surveillance Kit from PoliceEquipmentDealer.com.  The shipping was free, and it arrived in less than a week.  I am very happy with the ease of using this Kit.  The earpiece fits snugly and comfortably, and the sound quality is very clear.  The mic attaches by a clip to my shirt collar and never fails to transmit.  But I am most pleased by the PTT which fastens to my ring finger by a Velcro strap.  This allows me to press the transmit button and still have my hands free for more important things.  I am recommending this to others in my department.  Fantastic kit. http://www.policeequipmentdealer.com/ProductDetail.aspx?Product=STEALTH-M1

Friday, November 1, 2013

Stallion Leather Sam Browne 2 1/4" Duty Belt

The Sam Browne Duty Belt from PoliceEquipmentDealer.com has met all my expectations.  The leather is fully lined.  The double hook buckle holds it securely in place. And I can load it up with my flashlight, baton, sidearm, cuffs and taser without any worry that it will slip or sag.  Stallion has done a great job with this belt.  I recommend it to all law enforcement officers and anyone else who needs to carry heavy equipment on their belt.  https://www.policeequipmentdealer.com/police-dsb-sam-browne-duty-belt-double-stitch-brass-buckle-series.aspx