Thursday, April 17, 2014

Klein Electronics Scorpion™ Listen-Only Earpiece

When I need to monitor a radio channel, I prefer the Scorpion™ Listen-Only Earpiece from  I like the Scorpion™ because the ear bud swivels for use on either ear, and the coiled cord does not get in my way like a straight cord would.  If I find I need to use it for an extended period, I put a foam cover on the ear bud to make it more comfortable to wear.  I chose the 3.5mm right angle connector because it is compatible with a number of radios, so I will be able to transfer my Scorpion™  to another brand if need be.  I am very pleased with the performance of this earpiece and I am recommending your site to my friends.  

Sgt. Brown in WA

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Stallion Leather Leatherman Charge ALX Holder

When the customer service rep at told me the Stallion leather holders were made of genuine leather and very expertly crafted, I just took it as sales-speak.  I needed a holder for my multi-tool, so the Leatherman Charge ALX Holder sounded good on the phone.  But when the holder arrived and I could examine it, I was surprised to see that the rep had not exaggerated at all.  I am very pleased with the Stallion workmanship.  My order was customized with a basket-weave finish, a snap-loop belt attachment, in black with a Velcro closure.  I couldn’t ask for a better holder at less than $25.00!  I am spreading the word right now about and the craftsmanship Stallion holders offer.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Klein Electronics Armorcase Ballistic Nylon Carry Case For Motorola Cp200 2-Way Radio

I was looking to buy a good nylon holder for my radio that would stand up to use and abuse.  A friend told me I should look at  On that site, I came across a Klein ArmorCase for my CP200.  It was a good price, so I ordered it.  It arrived today, and I am very pleased with the craftsmanship of this case.  It has two different ways of fastening to my belt,  the swivel clip or the belt loop, depending on whether I need to remove the radio fast or keep it secure on my belt.  I think this is an outstanding product.  I will recommend to my friends.

Undersheriff Toby in UT