Thursday, September 25, 2014

SureFire Shotgun Forend

We built our house out in the country, and so we get a lot of “visitors” that usually don’t bother people in a city.  I’m talking about cougars and coyotes.  They can be a problem because there is really no way to fence them out, and we have already lost one dog to them.  I have a Remington shotgun, but I didn’t have a light to attach to it.  I had one of my boys hold a lantern on the yard while I aimed at the intruder.  This never worked very well, and I’ve missed more times than I’d like to admit.  My cousin told me about  When I saw the SureFire Shotgun Forend, I knew my problem was solved.  Now there’s no juggling a light and a shotgun.  The forend is easy to attach and operate, and it’s very bright.  I can see clearly to aim, so fewer “visitors” bother us and we won’t be losing any more dogs.  Great light.  I told my neighbors about your site, so you’ll be getting more business soon.

Madge in NE

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