Friday, August 29, 2014

Klein Electronics Vapor™ Earpiece Headset

My husband kept complaining he needed an earpiece that would allow him to use his cell phone while driving.  The wireless headset he used had too many drawbacks.  So any earpiece would need to be easy to use and wired.  I went to, found the Vapor™ Earpiece Headset for cellphones and ordered it for him.  After a week’s use on the road, he said the Vapor™ gave him the best clarity he’d ever had with an earpiece made for a cell.  The earbud speaker was very comfortable and didn’t get lost because the single wire has a clothing clip.  He also commented that the mic/PTT button on the same single wire was very convenient to use.  I am so glad he liked the Vapor™, but I’m even happier that it was a bargain at under $15!

Tina in NY

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